Harry Ostoposides

Our Founder Harry "O"stoposides started sailing with the Sea Explorers at the age of 13. Harry learned the art of dinghy and keelboat racing while campaigning

  • Snipes
  • Capri 14's
  • Capri 25's
  • PC's
  • Olson 30's
  • Catalina 37's
  • Farr 40's

As well as number of other One Design Classes.

He has gone on to win several One Design Titles and a countless amount of other Regattas Worldwide.

Sailmaking since the 80's, Harry Has worked for several sail lofts before starting H2O Sails back in 2008

  • T&A Sails
  • Sobstad Sails
  • Performance Plus Sails
  • Horizon Sails
  • UK Sails
  • Hyde Sails

From Managing Racing Teams to giving advice on sail handling and care to Clipper Round the World Racing Yachts, Harry understands the needs of the everyday Cruiser, Bluewater Cruiser and Serious Racer.

He's always looking forward to helping you with your next adventure.