About Us

H2O Sails has taken the science of Sailmaking and art of Canvas to the highest level to produce the most efficient and beautiful shapes possible.

From Cruising, Racing and One Design Sails, to adding that Canvas to your yacht.

Call us so we can help you start and finish impressively.

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Our Founder

Our Founder Harry "O"stoposides started sailing with the Sea Explorers at the age of 13. Harry learned the art of dinghy and keelboat racing while campaigning

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Our Services

H2O Sails offers the most experienced sail maintenance and repair services available in any corner of the world. Our staff is trained to identify common sail problems before they turn into expensive and inconvenient disasters, and like with most things on a boat, we recommend regular inspection at least once a year.

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Contact Us

We exist to equip sailors with what they need to meet their next sailing challenge.

Call us at (888) 920-0705 with your questions or use our contact form below.

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Drop us an email or ask us for a quote.


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Established in 2008, but we have decades of sailing and sailmaking experience to help you with whatever questions you may have.