Service & Repair


H2O Sails offers experienced sail maintenance and repair services. Our staff is trained to identify common sail problems before they turn into expensive and inconvenient disasters. We recommend you inspect your sails on a regular basis (At least once a month). If you do come across a problem, we are here to help.

Take a picture of the problem you feel is developing and text it to us. H2O Sails is always there to give advise and help you solve whatever sail or canvas issues you may have. H2O Sails specialize in Roller Furling Headsail and Roller Furling Mainsail repairs. From Restitching you UV Cover to fully replacing it. H2O is ready to solve your Roller Furling Sun Cover problems.

H2O Sails is a full service sailmaker, here are just some of the services we offer.

  • UV Cover Repair
  • UV Cover Replacement
  • Sail Cover Restitch
  • Sail Recuts
  • Rip Repair
  • Batten Pocket Repair
  • Dodger Repair
  • Bimini Repair
  • Boom Cover Repair
  • Awning Repair
  • Clew, Tack or Head Rebuilds
  • Sail Washing
  • Sail Inspection

If it goes under a sewing machine. H2O Sails is ready to repair it!

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